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Red/White Halal Certified Sampler Set


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  • Six (6) Halal Certified Non-Alcoholic Wines: 1 x Le Petit Merlot, 1 x Le Petit Chardonnay, 1 x Princess Rosso Dry, 1 x Princess Bianco Dry, 1 x Señorío de la Tautila Tinto, 1 x Señorío de la Tautila Blanco
  • Picnic Assortment: Enjoy an assortment of alcohol free wines from French, Italian, and Spanish wineries. Serve more than just juice and water at your picnic gathering.
  • Popular For Any Occasion: Great for the Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, Baby Showers, Baby Announcements, Gender Reveal Parties, Best Friend Gift, A Birthday Gift for Mom or Dad, Valentines Day, Teacher Appreciation, Housewarming, or just for Yourself.
  • Great sampler assortment for individuals new to non-alcoholic wines. Take the dive and experience alcohol-free living.
  • Halal Certified: Drink with confidence! Documentation available upon request.



Enjoy our selection of non-alcoholic wines on your outing with family and friends. Great for all, these alcohol-free wines imported from France, Italy, and Spain have gone through dealcoholization. This means that all individuals can enjoy the complex flavors of wine without the health consequences of alcohol.


More About What's Included

  • Princess Bianco Dry (non-alcoholic white wine): Displays a rich, straw yellow color. Exhibits floral aromas with hints of cut-grass and honey. 
  • Princess Rosso Dry (non-alcoholic red wine): Displays an intense, deep red color. Exhibits aromas of ripe fruits with a pleasing and elaborate taste.  
  • Le Petit Merlot (non-alcoholic red wine): Intense ruby color with red fruits on the nose. Fresh, balanced, and vibrant. Perfect to accompany barbeques, red meat, and cheese. 
  • Le Petit Chardonnay (non-alcoholic white wine): Fruit forward aromas of lychee, peach, and flowers. Balanced, delicate freshness. Drink as an aperitif or to accompany salads, fish, and white meats. Also goes well with desserts and sweets.
  • Señorío de la Tautila Tinto (non-alcoholic red wine): Ripe cherry-colored wine of mild intensity. Voluminous input in mouth, persistent structure with personality. Best paired with meats, roasts and savory appetizers. 
  • Señorío de la Tautila Blanco (non-alcoholic white wine): Beautiful straw-yellow color. Frank and good intensity with citrus notes. Fresh, aromatic and lively with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste.



Additional Info

Additional Info

Number of Bottles:
Six (6)
Represented Countries:
France, Italy, and Spain
Volume Each Bottle:
Halal Certified:
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