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beClink is America’s largest online shop for low- and non-alcoholic wines, spirits and mixers. Our products are for anyone looking to reduce or eliminate their alcohol consumption without sacrificing flavor, sophistication, and sociability.

About us

We began several years ago, when one of our co-founder’s sisters was pregnant and lamented that there were no non-alcoholic wines that she could safely enjoy, and certainly none that tasted any better than grape juice. The existing array of “non”-alcoholic wines were unacceptable, as they could contain up to 0.5% ABV, per the FDA’s regulations. She wanted real wine – complex, adult, and satisfying – just without the alcohol. We set out identifying and developing relationships and exclusive partnerships with wineries and distilleries throughout Europe. We created an online store to introduce these beverages to American consumers. Back then, we assumed that most of our What happened next surprised us: many of our customers were men. And not just husbands buying wine for their pregnant spouses. We were surprised to find that all kinds of people were interested in low- and non-alcoholic wines: “sober curious” millennials, people who don’t drink for religious reasons, consumers under 21, wellness-focused individuals, and more.customers would be pregnant people.

Our sales corroborated a striking trend in the beverage industry: interest in low- and non-alcoholic beverages is surging:

Globally, 58% of people are drinking more low- and non-alcoholic drinks than last year, with 79% eager to try such options in the future, according to Nielsen CGA.

Nearly a quarter of consumers in the U.S., U.K., Brazil, Mexico, and Israel plan to drink low- or non-alcoholic cocktails in the future, according to Bacardi’s Cocktail Trends Report 2022.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 35% of Americans don’t drink at all.

Non-alcoholic beverage sales increased 33%, to $331 million, between 2020 and 2021, according to Nielsen.

American alcohol consumption is at a 20-year low, according to Gallup.

66% of millennials don’t consider alcohol important to their lives, and 20% of them have stopped drinking altogether, according to Demos.

Drinking low- and non-alcoholic beverages doesn’t mean quitting drinking altogether: up to 58% of low- and non-alcoholic beverage consumers still drink in moderation, according to IWSR.

Be healthy.
Still drink.
Be you.

So, whether you are “Sober Curious,” abstaining from alcohol for religious reasons, or looking for an alcohol alternative during pregnancy, you’re in good and growing company.

Let beClink be your source for the largest selection of low- and non-alcoholic beverages. We source our products from the best vintners and distillers in the world: from France, Italy, Spain, and the United States. And most of our wines are Halal Certified, meaning they contain 0.0% alcohol.

Join us and discover a world of beverages without hangovers, calories, or the health concerns of traditional alcoholic beverages. A world of sophisticated, serious, and delicious wines, spirits, and mixers, all without compromise.