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Non-Alcoholic Champagne Alternative Tasting Party Set (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, USA, Australia)

Brand: Various Wineries
Alcohol Content: Never Alcoholized, 0.0, <0.5%
Origin: Multiple
Volume (ml): 750


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  • Twelve (12) Dealcoholized Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Brut and Champagne Alternatives: Chateau de Fleur, Alternativa Bollicine Bianco Extra Dry, Elivo Zero Deluxe Sparkling, Tautila Espumoso Blanco, Lussory Organic Brut, Lussory Sparkling Brut, Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay, Perle Blanc, Blanc de Blancs, Alternativa Bollicine Sweet, Le Petit Etoile Sparkling, Pierre Zero Sparkling Chardonnay.
  • Introduction to Non-Alcoholic Champagne/Brut/Cava: Perfect for an evening in with friends and family. Get to know the best international selection of dealcoholized sparkling whites on the market. The assortment features different grape varieties and dryness profiles.
  • Popular For Any Occasion: Ideal for individuals who love sparkling whites but, for whatever reason, are not drinking alcohol. Gift for the Holidays such as Christmas, Baby Showers, Baby Announcements, Gender Reveal Parties, Best Friend Gift, A Birthday Gift for Mom, Valentines Day, Teacher Appreciation, Housewarming, or just for Yourself.
  • Healthy Living: Enjoy alcohol-free living or experiment with mindful drinking.
  • Setup the perfect tasting party with BeClink’s Guide to Non-Alcoholic and Tasting Cards.


A great introduction to non-alcoholic sparkling wines. Spend an evening with friends and family trying a fantastic selection of dealcoholized products from USA, France, Italy, Germany, USA, Australia, and Spain. Enjoy the complex flavors of wine without the negative health consequences of alcohol. Take the guesswork out of planning a tasting party. We include BeClink’s Non-Alcoholic Wine Tasting Guide and Tasting Cards to get you started.



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