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Melati Aperitif Fresh Non-Alcoholic Spirit Alternative 500ml

Green mango, guava, lime rind and fresh basil are balanced by bitter gentian and grounded in warm Asian spices.
Brand: Melati Drinks
Origin: Singapore
Alcohol Content: Never Alcoholized
Volume (ml): 500
Grape Variety: Not Applicable
Certification(s): Vegan-Friendly
Standardized Calories: 43.33 (per 150ml)
Standardized Carbs / Sugar: 13.33g / 13.33g (per 150ml)

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$39.00 - or Subscribe

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  • Package Includes: 1 x Melati Aperitif Fresh (Never Alcoholized) Non-Alcoholic Spirit Alternative 500ml.
  • Produced in Singapore with the finest ingredients. Rooted in healthy Asian tonic drink recipes from 1293, our six week extraction process is a labor of love to produce a sophisticated adult drink that is good for you.
  • Optimised for business meetings, baby showers and everything in between. Vegan, gluten free, no sugar added, zero caffeine, zero alcohol. You can have it all
  • Crafted as a flavorful alcohol alternative without the empty calories, negative impact on health or hangover. Made from 70% organic botanicals, we add health to your drinking rituals.
  • Happy hour made easy: All you have to do is top up a shot of Melati with tonic water or your favorite mixer. For clinking glasses without compromise.

Melati Fresh is a flavorful non-alcoholic spirit with bright acidity and a dry finish for white wine lovers. Green mango, guava, lime rind and fresh basil are balanced by bitter gentian and grounded in warm Asian spices.

Melati Fresh bottles the lush tropics of a Bali summer cooled by the salty sea breeze. Delightfully tasty for refreshing long lunches and uplifting conversations throughout the day.

Additional information

Additional Info



Alcohol Content

Volume (ml)


Grape Variety

Not Applicable


Serving Size


Carbohydrates / Sugar

4g / 4g

Standardized Calories

43.33 (per 150ml)

Common Shot / Wine Pours

50ml / 150ml



Infusion of yeast, concentrated musts, natural aromas of rose, acidfier, lactic acid-citric acid, antioxidant, ascorbic acid, food coloring, anthocyanins, carbon dioxide.

About the Brand

Melati Drinks: A letter from the founder of Melati Drinks Dear friends, I am thrilled to share the story behind Melati Drinks - a story that's deeply personal and close to my heart. Drinks have always been an important part of my life, but after countless hours of socializing and happy hours, I knew there had to be a better way to enjoy them. I wanted to share a drink that celebrates the best of the Far East where I come from. A drink that allows everyone to connect, at work and play, without compromise. BORN FROM TRADITION Since 1293, the people of Southeast Asia have enjoyed botanical elixir for vigor and vitality. During a visit to my family’s ancestral farmland in Jatiluwih, Bali, I discovered ancient tonic recipes preserved on palm leaves and realized that my heritage holds the key to a healthier future. Sourcing the finest of these same botanicals, our team work with food scientists and Ayurvedic specialists to cold-extract maximum nutrients and benefits so that every bottle of Melati is delicious and deeply restorative. Each sip of Melati Drinks is a journey through exquisite aromas and flavors that are deeply satisfying. And the best part? Our drinks are free from alcohol, added sugar, colorings, flavorings and other nasties – no hangover, too! YOUR NEW DRINK OF TOGETHERNESS But Melati Drinks isn't just a drink. It's a way to connect with others and enjoy the good things in life with a clear mind. Our drinks bring people together and have been crafted to pair perfectly with food - a match made in heaven! Join me on this journey and discover the magic of Melati for yourself. Cheers! Lorin

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