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Rose Wine Sampler – Four (4) Non-Alcoholic Rose Wines 750ml Each

Take the guesswork out of roses with this 4 bottle collection.
Brand: Elivo, Perle France, Princess Alternativa, Senorio de la Tautila
Origin: France, Italy, Spain
Common Shot / Wine Pours: 50ml / 150ml
Alcohol Content: Never Alcoholized, 0.0%
Volume (ml): 750ml (25.4fl oz)

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$84.00 - or Subscribe

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  • Four (4) Non-Alcoholic Rose Wines: 1 x Pierre Chavin Perle Rose, 1 x Princess Bollicine Rosato Dry, 1 x Tautila Espumoso Rosado, 1 x Elivo Cardio Zero Rose
  • Rose Wine Assortment: Perfect for rose wine lovers. Enjoy an assortment of alcohol free wines from French, Italian, and Spanish wineries.
  • Popular For Any Occasion: Great for the Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, Alcohol Free Events, Company Events, Gender Reveal Parties, Best Friend Gift, A Birthday Gift for Mom or Dad, Valentines Day, Teacher Appreciation, Housewarming, or just for Yourself.
  • Great sampler assortment for individuals new to non-alcoholic rose wines.
  • Treat your clean drinking guests to more than just juice and water.


Rosé all the way! Rose wines are known for their distinct color, attributed to the wine-making process which incorporates the use of some grape skin to achieve a mild red color. The result is a beautiful, pinkish-red color. Great for all, these alcohol-free wines imported from France, Italy, and Spain have gone through dealcoholization. This means that individuals of all can enjoy the complex flavors of wine without the health consequences of alcohol.


  • Pierre Chavin Perle Rose (non-alcoholic sparkling rose wine): Persisting and elegant bubbles. Beautiful light pink color, bright and shiny. Expressive aromas, hints of roses and other flowers.
  • Princess Bollicine Rosato Dry (non-alcoholic sparkling rose wine): Displays a light, pleasant rose color. Notes of mixed berries. Pleasantly sour, fine mousse taste.
  • Tautila Espumoso Rosado (non-alcoholic sparkling rose wine): Beautiful rose colored sparkling wine of mild intensity. Refreshing and long-lasting bubbles.
  • Elivo Cardio Rose (non-alcoholic rose wine): Round, complete and fresh. Mildly fruity flavors and touch of acidity and spice. Mineral notes stand out. Finishes dry.


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Common Shot / Wine Pours

50ml / 150ml

Alcohol Content


Volume (ml)



Infusion of yeast, concentrated musts, natural aromas of rose, acidfier, lactic acid-citric acid, antioxidant, ascorbic acid, food coloring, anthocyanins, carbon dioxide.

About the Brand

Elivo: In the heart of Spain's innovative non-alcoholic wine world lies ELIVO, the proud producer of the renowned brand ELIVO ZERO ZERO DELUXE and a diverse range of high-quality beverages presented on our website. Our journey began with a revolutionary milestone: the creation of Spain's first non-alcoholic wine by entrepreneur Ramón Bodenlle in 2008. Since our humble beginnings with the brand RAISIN DOR, we have evolved to our current range, thus responding to the linguistic and cultural needs of the Spanish and international market. Today, ELIVO is proud to be a pioneer in the non-alcoholic wine sector. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has allowed us to expand our presence beyond Spanish borders, becoming a global benchmark. Choosing our products is opting for a unique experience, backed by years of tradition and innovation. The story of ELIVO is an invitation to explore a world where wine tradition meets contemporary innovation. We invite our customers to be part of this exciting journey, discovering with each sip the passion and care that characterize our non-alcoholic wines.

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Perle France: Perle France alcohol-free wine embodies the essence of French winemaking tradition and sophistication, offering a refined drinking experience without the presence of alcohol. With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, each bottle showcases the artistry and complexity of traditional wines.

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Princess Alternativa: Princess was born in 2012 in Verona, Italy, when Mr. Michele Tait drew up a study aimed at lowering the alcohol content of the wines on the market at that time. This idea arises from the increasingly strong consumer need to look for products with a low alcohol content. The initial objective is to reduce the alcohol content of the wine as much as possible, while maintaining its beneficial properties; it is now well known that a glass of wine a day brings benefits at a cardiovascular and cardiovascular level. Princess wants to offer a valid 'alternative' to what the market offers, and this is how the first line called 'non-alcoholic alternative®' was born. We are developing, after a long and careful selection of grapes capable of standing out and representing the excellence of 'Made in Italy' throughout the world, new lines of unique products of their kind.  

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