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Why Alcohol-Free Drinks Make Great Gifts

Halloween week! Halloween is just around the corner, and with it quickly comes
the holiday season of giving. Whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, Hanukkah or
Christmas, gift-giving always tends to get crazy during the winter months. One
common gift many give—and receive—is alcohol. Whether it’s a bottle of wine,
scotch or vodka, alcohol can often be a fan-favorite for many.

for those who want to live an alcohol-free lifestyle, receiving alcohol as a
gift might not only be disappointing, but it could even be challenging or
tempting. Instead, as you explore the options of gifts this season, why not
consider giving an alcohol-free beverage, such as a bottle of non-alcoholic
wine, or a pack of alcohol-free beer? Here are why alcohol-free drinks make
great gifts.

They can be for anyone.

greatest beauty of alcohol-free drinks as gifts is that they can be for anyone.
You don’t have to worry about whether or not the person receiving the gift
actually drinks alcohol. Instead, you can choose the perfect beverage for them
based on their taste preferences and give it, feeling confident that they will
enjoy it. Non-alcoholic drinks are great for pregnant or nursing women,
recovering alcoholics or simply people who choose to live an alcohol-free lifestyle.

do take note that non-alcoholic beer or wine is not recommended for minors.
Although alcohol-free beers and wines have 0.0% alcohol, buyers and consumers
must still be adults aged 21 or older. The concern is although there is no
alcohol in the beverages, the taste might spark an interest for minors and
encourage them to try the alcoholic counterpart. But if you want to buy a gift
for any adults this upcoming season, then non-alcoholic beverages are a perfect

They make others feel included.

alcohol-free beer and wine is for anyone, you can make others feel included by
giving them as gifts. Oftentimes, those who live alcohol-free can feel like
“lone wolves” on the outside of the social scene, simply because they don’t
drink alcohol. Instead, show them that they are still appreciated, valued and
included by giving the gift of a non-alcoholic beverage. Not only do you
recognize the legitimacy of their life choice, but you can also make future
events—like holiday parties—easier with a drink option for them.

They promote a healthier lifestyle.

non-alcoholic drinks as gifts also has the added benefit of promoting a
healthier lifestyle. For instance, if you check out our articles on
Health Benefits You
Didn’t Know About Non-Alcoholic Wine
or Surprising Benefits
About Non-Alcoholic Beer
, you can see that alcohol-free beer and wine are much
healthier alternatives than their alcoholic counterparts. When you give
alcohol-free drinks as gifts, you can give the same great taste, enjoyment and
sense of class as alcoholic beverages, but without any worry about the negative
side effects from alcohol. This can make a genuine difference in the lives of
those who choose to live alcohol-free.

They can be combined with other

one of the best things about giving non-alcoholic beer or wine as gifts is how
well they pair with other items. For instance, put together a self-care package
for a loved one, complete with hand lotion, bath soaps, a good book and of
course, their favorite bottle of non-alcoholic wine. Or, create a backyard
barbeque bundle, with graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, charcoal,
lighter fluid and a package of alcohol-free beer. No matter what your friend or
family member enjoys, there’s a way for non-alcoholic beverages to fit in.
Combine an alcohol-free drink with a variety of other gifts to create the
perfect package present they will love.

we approach the holiday season, start planning out your gift list. While
alcohol can be a very popular present, it can also leave some recipients
feeling disappointed or even left out. Instead, try going an alternate route
this year with a bottle of non-alcoholic beer or wine. Not only are
alcohol-free beverages for anyone, but they also make others feel included,
promote a healthier lifestyle and can even be combined with other gifts. Try
them out this year and see how your friends or family members enjoy them.