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Surprising Benefits About Non-Alcoholic Beer

heard about non-alcoholic wine, tried its delicious taste and maybe even
learned about its helpful health benefits. When it comes to enjoying an
alcohol-free lifestyle while still socializing with friends and family,
non-alcoholic wine is the perfect option. But, have you ever heard of
non-alcoholic beer? Like its wine counterpart, alcohol-free beer is a great
alternative to enjoy when wanting to socialize with others without the aspect
of alcohol.

BeClink is proud to offer our clients both options of alcohol-free wine
and beer. No matter which your taste
buds prefer, you can enjoy the flavor and the fun, without the feeling of
alcohol. While it may have started out as a rare product, alcohol-free beer has
now become very widespread and commonly consumed across the world. Whether
someone chooses to avoid alcohol because of their stage of life, personal
preference or health reasons, alcohol-free beer is the perfect choice. In fact,
there are also a multitude of health benefits non-alcoholic beer can provide.
Let’s dive into some of the surprising benefits of non-alcoholic beer.

a brief history. According to
Gizmodo, non-alcoholic beer first
made its appearance in the United States in 1919. Why? Because of the
Prohibition. During the Prohibition, the law stated that the strongest a
beverage could be was 0.5 percent alcohol by volume. So, some of the large
breweries began making “near beer,” a concoction similar to regular beer, but
with below 0.5 percent ABV. Thirteen years later, the Prohibition ended, but
low-alcohol beer hung around. Thus, the 0.5 percent officially stuck, and
alcohol-free beer became what it is today—an alternative option to its alcoholic

non-alcoholic beer is a popular option among adults of all ages. And it’s no
wonder, considering the list of health benefits it can provide. What’s first on
the list of surprising benefits? It’s good for your heart! Alcohol-free beer
can help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system by preventing certain heart
diseases and conditions. In fact,
German scientists recently found that
non-alcoholic beer slowed down blood coagulation and platelet activation, in
order to strengthen the blood flow. Studies also found an increase of
antioxidants and vitamin B6 in the blood of non-alcoholic beer drinkers. All of
this helps to protect the heart and soften the chemical effect linked to
various cardiovascular diseases.

of a healthy heart, if you enjoy a good workout, then non-alcoholic beer might
just be the perfect choice for you. Not only can it promote a better physical
and mental performance, but it also helps preserve normal muscle activity. This
aids your body in recovery after a workout and reduces the tiredness most
commonly associated with exercise. Not to mention, relaxing and rewinding with
a beer has actually been proven to reduce stress. According to
MuscleFood, alcohol-free beer is high
in electrolytes and other essential minerals like potassium, which balances
your adrenaline. As a result, your body releases pent-up anxiety, and the
stress melts away. Which is probably for the best, as stress has been linked to
a variety of different health consequences you can avoid through a
non-alcoholic beer.

fact, alcohol-free beer can provide a variety of different vitamins to help
support a healthy immune system for your body.
Livestrong says, “Non-alcoholic beer
does have at least 10 percent of your recommended amount of a few different B
vitamins.” It also contains vitamin B9 which supports a healthy metabolism, and
fewer calories than its alcoholic
counterpart. While regular beer contains approximately 180-250 calories per
pint, most alcohol-free beers only contain between 50-80 calories. If you’re
looking for a beer that can help you lose weight
and provide valuable nutrition benefits, non-alcoholic beer is the
perfect option.

those who want to live an alcohol-free lifestyle, but still enjoy time
socializing with friends and family, alcohol-free beer is a great choice to
meet in the middle. Not only is it healthier than regular beer, but it actually
has a surprising number of health
for the consumer. What was once a rare commodity has now grown into a
world-wide favorite, and BeClink is proud to offer it to our customers. Next
time you’re looking for a delicious drink to enjoy without the worry of
alcohol, give non-alcoholic beer a try and enjoy its many benefits.