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Is Non-Alcoholic Wine Safe While Pregnant?

pregnant woman drinking non-alcoholic wine

At beClink, we support an alcohol-free lifestyle for a variety of people who choose to live alcohol-free for a plethora of different reasons. One major reason many people choose to go alcohol-free—at least for a period of time—is due to pregnancy. During pregnancy, women are unable to drink alcohol. However, they can still enjoy the taste they love and the same feeling of class and sophistication through a glass of non-alcoholic wine.

Non-alcoholic wine has been around for years, but questions about its safety still circulate throughout the expectant mothers’ community. Is non-alcoholic wine actually safe to consume while pregnant? Today we dive into this question and the answer by exploring more about non-alcoholic wine and its effects during pregnancy.

Non-alcoholic wine is made differently.

Obviously, drinking alcohol while pregnant is not a safe choice. While opinions vary on how much alcohol can be consumed during pregnancy without affecting the fetus, one thing is certain: alcohol of any
sort can run the risk of harm. Because of this, non-alcoholic wine can seem a little too good to be true. Women might be interested in trying, but feel worried that even the lowest alcohol content can create issues. One of the greatest concerns for many expectant mothers interested in non-alcoholic wine
is how it’s made.

Oftentimes, a lack of knowledge on the production process can lead to a fear of the products. Many people believe one of two things: (1) non-alcoholic wine is made the same way as juice, or (2) non-alcoholic wine is made the same exact way as regular wine. Both of these beliefs are inaccurate. In fact, non-alcoholic wine is made very similarly to its wine counterpart, but with one major difference: at the very end of the creation process, the alcohol content is completely removed from the wine.

According to the article How It’s Made Non-Alcoholic Wine, “There are two main ways winemakers go about removing the alcohol: distillation and filtration.” This makes the winemaking process particularly unique to non-alcoholic wine, unlike juice or alcoholic wine. Although it goes through the winemaking process, non-alcoholic wine has the alcohol completely removed to 0.0% alcohol content, making it safe for pregnant and nursing mothers to consume.

Non-alcoholic wine has different effects.

Because of its unique creation process, non-alcoholic wine has different effects than its alcoholic counterpart. Although it has the same great taste and feel of alcoholic wine, it does not actually have the effects of alcohol. For this reason, many women—and men—can find themselves reaping the cardiovascular health benefits of wine, without any concern for alcohol.

As discussed in our article Health Benefits Yo Didn’t Know About Non-Alcoholic Wine, red wine can have cardiovascular benefits such as decreasing the risk of heart disease, lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the chances of a stroke. Non-alcoholic wine has these same benefits, but without any alcohol content, which allows the polyphenols in the wine to work better, producing greater health benefits. Therefore, not only does non-alcoholic wine not have the negative effects of regular wine during pregnancy, but it can actually have positive effects for expectant mothers.

Non-alcoholic wine is as safe as juice.

Another issue of dissension in the mother community about non-alcoholic wine has been the “0.5%” alcohol content allowed in non-alcoholic beverages. Although all of our wines at BeClink are 0.0% alcohol, beverages can contain up to 0.5% alcohol in order to to be labeled as non-alcoholic. This can be worrisome for some mothers, who might feel concerned that even 0.5% alcohol content can still have
an effect on their developing baby. However, this 0.5% is nothing to worry about.

In fact, the majority of juices we consume daily have 0.5% alcohol content in them, simply through the natural fermentation process that occurs. Even some foods can have small percentages of alcohol in them and still be considered safe to consume during pregnancy. Therefore, any wines or beers within the
0.0-0.5% alcohol content range are perfectly safe to drink while your baby is developing.

If you’re still unsure about non-alcoholic wine, talk to your doctor and learn more about any of the risks or benefits it can carry. At BeClink, we support anyone who wants to live a healthy, happy, alcohol-free lifestyle. We know expectant mothers would do anything to keep their little ones safe, and we want
to come alongside that effort by providing a delicious, relaxing and, most importantly, safe product for
soon-to-be moms to enjoy. If non-alcoholic wine has peaked your interest, give it a try to see how you love it.