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How to Throw an Alcohol-Free Barbecue

end of summertime is quickly approaching, and soon it will be back-to-school
and back to cooler weather. So, why not celebrate the end of the season by
throwing a party together with friends and family? Of course, one of the
age-old classic summertime parties is the barbecue.

if you strive to live an alcohol-free lifestyle, or cannot drink alcohol during
this season of life, then you know how challenging barbecues can be. Whether
it’s the cooler full of beer or the fruity wine coolers floating around,
barbecues tend to be synonymous with alcohol. And being surrounded by alcohol
when you choose not to drink can sometimes be… difficult. So, why not embrace
both the summertime and the
non-alcoholic lifestyle by throwing an alcohol-free barbecue? Here are some
tips for how to throw a fun, family-friendly, alcohol-free barbecue to
celebrate the end of the summer season.

and foremost, make sure all of your guests know beforehand the barbecue will
not have alcohol present. As you invite friends and family, be sure to tell
them the party is alcohol-free, but they’re welcome to bring any non-alcoholic
beverages they enjoy. Otherwise, you might end up with an unexpected cooler
full of alcohol. Chances are a few of your guests might be a little confused or
even frustrated by the idea of a barbecue without alcohol. That’s okay, but be
mindful to explain your reasonings behind the change. Whether you can’tdrink alcohol in this season of life or
choose not to, your true friends and family will support the decision and
respect your wishes at your event.

an article by
Well+Good, healer Luke Simon states:

Put the intention out there in a really clear way. Say
something like, ‘Here’s why we’re doing this—because we’re going to be drinking
at a lot of other parties, and I want to hang out with you guys when we’re not
getting wasted… People who are not interested in a sober good time will not come
to your party, and all the better.

intentional with your invitations and allow barbecue guests to come alongside
you and support your efforts to throw an alcohol-free event.

your guests can definitely bring their own drinks, be sure to have buzz-worthy
alcohol-free beverages of your own for them to enjoy. If they cannot drink
alcohol, they might expect something delicious and “worthy” of the party to
replace it. So, show your guests they can still have a great time without
alcohol by having great alternative drink options available. Maybe you have
flavored lemonade, some alcohol-free mixed

or even non-alcoholic wine or beer. Or, if the weather is cooler
outside, you could even try something along the lines of
homemade hot chocolate. Embrace an alcohol-free
theme by showing your guests they can still have a fun, delicious evening with
the tasty drinks provided.

course, what’s better to go along with alcohol-free beverages than a plethora
of mouthwatering food for guests to choose from?
Alcohol Free Social

says, “If alcohol is not on the menu, then you should compensate with tasty,
savory treats.” While you can definitely provide the main staple foods of a
barbecue—e.g. burgers, hot dogs, chips and dip, etc.—don’t be afraid to step
outside of your comfort zone and experiment with something new for guests to
try. For instance, why not have pizza with funky toppings, kabobs with a
variety of flavors or something extra sweet for dessert, like a new flavor of
cake? Pick easy, classic recipes and put a fresh new twist on them; your guests
will enjoy the food so much, they won’t even remember the event is

finally, have fun! Make sure your barbecue is a fun-filled event by offering a
variety of games and activities for guests to take part in. See about offering
yard games, card games and everything in between for party-goers to enjoy. When
you bring guests together with unique games and activities, they’ll be so busy
having fun and connecting, they’ll realize alcohol was never necessary in the
first place.

the end of summertime quickly approaches, celebrate the start of a new school
year—and cooler weather—by throwing an alcohol-free barbecue for your friends
and family to enjoy. Tell them your reasonings behind the event, provide
alcohol-free drink options, offer a delicious plethora of food and enjoy fun
games and activities for a night they really will never forget.