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Alcohol-Free Mixed Drinks Worth Trying

non-alcoholic cocktail

you’ve decided—or at least considered—going alcohol-free. Whether it be for
health reasons or the season of life you’re in, you’ve chosen to live an
alcohol-free lifestyle. And for the most part, it’s been pretty great. There
are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks out there. And for the times when you do
crave the taste of alcoholic beverages, there are some delectable alcohol-free
alternatives, such as non-alcoholic wine.

have you ever considered
mixed drinks?
Like regular alcoholic mixed drinks, their non-alcoholic counterparts are
delicious, relaxing and fun for any occasion. Check out some of the options we
came up with below, or add in your own flavors and ideas for a new incredible
twist altogether.

1. Mockmosa

you have to have breakfast. Instead of a regular old mimosa, try a “mockmosa”
with all of the same great flavor and sophistication, but without any of the
alcohol. To create the perfect mockmosa, use a sparkling white grape juice
that’s dry in flavor, such as brands with little to no sugar or corn syrup.
Combine two parts orange juice with three parts of dry sparkling white grape
juice for a delicious drink to add to any fancy occasion.

2. Nojito

you’re a fan of the clean and crisp mint flavor, then try out the “nojito,” a
tasty, non-alcoholic twist on the “mojito.” Replace the classic rum with more
club soda and just a slight touch of rum extract and brown sugar. First, use
12-14 small mint leaves or 6-8 big ones in a glass, then muddle them. Muddling
is an important step in the process because it draws out the flavor. Put
pressure on the leaves, then rotate your hand back and forth as you press them
into the bottom of the glass or cocktail shaker. Next, add in one ounce of
fresh lime juice and two tablespoons of brown sugar. Fill the glass with ice
cubes, then combine with a dose of four ounces of club soda or Spite, and ¾
tablespoon of rum extract. Garnish with another mint leaf and you have a
relaxing, alcohol-free drink for any time of day.

3. Cuddles on the Beach

Sex on
the beach is a little bit too much for us; we prefer cuddling. The most
important component of the cuddles on the beach drink is to remove the vodka
and replace peach schnapps with peach nectar. Just a few tweaks here and there
and you can get a drink as mouthwatering as the original, but without any of
the added alcohol. The easiest way to create the best cuddles on the beach is
combining three ounces of cranberry juice, three ounces of grapefruit juice and
two ounces of peach nectar in a glass. Add in some ice cubes to chill it and
garnish with a cute umbrella and you’ll be transported away to the perfect
island oasis.

4. Cherry Coketail

up: the cherry coketail, for those who prefer something a little bit less
fruity. Similar to its alcoholic counterpart the Jack and Coke, the cherry
coketail is the ideal beverage to replace a regular old soda, and to enjoy on
an afternoon with a juicy hamburger, hot dog or even chocolate. First, add you
preferred amount of ice into a rocks glass, then pour in a ½ ounce of
maraschino cherry juice or cherry syrup, and ¼ ounce of vanilla extract.
Squeeze in just a hint of lime, then top with your favorite cola, diet or
regular. The cherry coketail offers a new twist on an age-old classic, but
without any added worry of alcohol.

5. Juicy Sangria

is always a fan favorite cocktail, and now it can be an even better mocktail.
Not only does it have the delicious natural sugars from fruit, but with light
juices, it’s a healthier version of the old alcoholic combo. In a large
pitcher, stir together four cups of cranberry-grape juice, one cup of orange
juice and ¼ cup of fresh lemon juice. But of course, don’t forget your fruit!
Add in one pear and one apple, diced. Then, refrigerate for at least two hours.
Just before serving, stir in three additional cups of carbonated lemon-lime
soda and ice for an added twist. Or, if you’re a fan of non-alcoholic wine, try
checking out recipes of alcoholic sangria, then replacing the regular wine with
its alcohol-free counterpart. You may be surprised at just how delicious the
results are.

mixed drinks can be a fun and exciting adventure. For those who live an
alcohol-free lifestyle, giving these cocktails up can be a little disappointing.
But, it doesn’t have to be! With the right ingredients, mocktails are just as
delectable, without any of the negative side effects of alcohol. Try out some
of these recipes to see which ones you enjoy most for a delicious addition to
your alcohol-free lifestyle.