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6 Reasons Life Is Better Without Alcohol

plays a huge role in today’s culture. No matter where you live, what you do or
who you surround yourself with, chances are alcohol will come into the picture
at some point. This means leaving an alcohol-free lifestyle might seem like the
most difficult thing in the world. Giving up alcohol might feel even feel like
giving up an entire lifestyle.

despite the challenges which might come with giving up alcohol, there are also
plenty of benefits to living an alcohol-free lifestyle. In fact, there are so
many benefits, some authors have even taken to the Internet to share their
reasons life is better without alcohol. If you’re considering giving up
alcohol—whether it be for a short season or for the rest of your life—start
with the benefits in mind. Here are six reasons life is better without alcohol.

1. Your health progresses.

of the biggest reasons life is better without alcohol is the effect it can have
on your health. By giving up alcohol, you can immediately take a strong step
toward a healthier lifestyle. As you may know, alcohol can have a variety of
negative effects on the
From brain damage, to pancreatitis, liver inflammation, nervous system
impairment and even chronic heart failure, alcohol can seriously influence the
overall health of your body. However, by avoiding alcohol, you can also avoid
some of the serious health risks it carries. And depending on the beverages you
choose to replace it with, you can also drastically improve your health.

2. Your appearance improves.

of health, your overall health can also significantly affect your physical
appearance. This means by not drinking alcohol you can also improve your looks.
Alcohol is often responsible for puffiness in the face, blemishes, sunken eyes,
premature skin aging and weight gain. In fact, the average bottle of alcoholic
wine has approximately 700 calories, which is more than a fast food burger! By
avoiding alcohol, you can reduce the number of calories consumed, lose weight,
have clearer skin and even brighter eyes.

3. You save money.

no doubt about it: alcohol is expensive. And for consistent consumers in
particular, the cost of a bottle here, a glass there or a can there can quickly
add up. Depending on how often you drink, when you give up alcohol, you can end
up saving a large amount of money on a weekly basis. One article by
The Sober School states: “When I polled some
of the women I’ve coached, they saved on average £365 in six weeks—that’s about
$480 dollars.” This type of money can definitely go towards other, better
options, such as saving for the future, paying off a bill or buying something
new. And when you save money on unnecessary items, your overall life improves.

4. Your relationships grow.

matter who you are or how often you drink, alcohol can affect your
relationships. Perhaps you only hang out with friends when you’ve been drinking.
Or, you say something inconsiderate to a loved one because you’ve had alcohol.
Or maybe you missed a meeting at work because you had a rough night beforehand.
Whatever your current situation is, giving up alcohol can definitely improve
your relationships overall. Living an alcohol-free life allows your
relationships to grow and develop naturally,
truly for who you are, rather than under the influence of a

5. Your time increases.

this: even if you take an hour an evening to have a glass of wine, it
accumulates to seven consumed hours in a week, which is approximately an entire
work day. While relaxation does matter, all of this time could definitely be
used toward something more satisfying. When you give up alcohol, you also give yourself
back an exuberant amount of time which can be used toward something more
productive, such as studying for class, preparing for the next day or even
developing a new hobby. You would be surprised at how much time you can really
find when you stop drinking.

6. Your confidence boosts.

when you give up alcohol, life is better because your confidence boosts.
According to
Drinkware, alcohol is a depressant,
which means it can significantly disrupt the balance in the brain between your
thoughts, feelings and actions, to the point of even affecting your long-term
mental health. Because alcohol negatively affects your brain, it can also
affect your overall confidence and wellbeing. By giving up alcohol, you can
truly be confident in who you are for
Mindbodygreen states, “When you’re
permanently sober, your choices are always your own; alcohol-free living means
never waking up again crippled with regret and shame. And that is priceless.”
Giving up alcohol is not only encouraging, but empowering, and will help improve
your overall self-confidence and happiness.

you’re looking for a shift in your life, perhaps giving up alcohol is the
answer. There are plenty of reasons to live an alcohol-free lifestyle,
including its benefits for your physical, mental and emotional health. Give
this lifestyle a try to see if your life is better without the influence of an