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5 Reasons Why Alcohol-Free Wine is the Perfect Gift

holidays! ‘Tis the season of cold days, warm fires, hot chocolate and of
course… gift giving. Over the next month, the average American will spend
$700 on holiday gifts and goodies,
totaling more than $465 billion. That’s a lot of money for a lot of gifts.
During the following weeks, people will carefully decipher, choose and buy the
perfect presents for their loved ones to show them how appreciated they truly

such present that’s unique, useful and capable of brightening anyone’s holiday
season is alcohol-free wine. If your loved one lives an alcohol-free
lifestyle—or even if they don’t—then non-alcoholic wine is a great option to
keep in mind as you head into the gift-giving season. Don’t believe us? Here
are five reasons why alcohol-free wine is the perfect gift.

1. Alcohol-free wine feels

says classy and sophisticated like a beautiful glass of wine. As Luis Fernando
Olaverri once said, “Wine is the only artwork you can drink.” Simply the act of
pouring a bottle of wine, seeing it fill the glass and sipping it delicately
can make anyone feel more cosmopolitan. This holiday season, help the loved
ones in your life feel fancy by giving them the gift of non-alcoholic wine they
can enjoy. Whether they choose to drink alcohol or not, everyone can use a
little extra sophistication in their lives.

2. Alcohol-free wine relaxes.

something about a glass of wine which allows us to really relax and unwind. And
as the holiday season fills up with stressful shopping, packing and hosting,
there’s nothing our loved ones need more than a little relaxation. Fortunately,
a full glass of non-alcoholic wine can relieve some of the tension which goes
along with the holidays. By giving a bottle of alcohol-free wine this holiday
season, you can help your loved ones unwind and take time to relax. Pair the
bottle with a good book and bubble bath, and you have the perfect pampering

3. Alcohol-free wine tastes

established wine as an excellent gift during the holiday season. But for
someone who chooses not to drink alcohol—whether due to pregnancy, health
reasons or simply lifestyle—alcohol is not an option. Fortunately,
non-alcoholic wine combines all the luxury and texture of regular wine, but
without the alcohol. And of course, it still tastes delicious. Because
non-alcoholic wine goes through the same creation process as its alcoholic
counterpart before having the alcohol removed, your loved ones can enjoy all of
their favorite flavors of wine, without worrying about alcohol content.

4. Alcohol-free wine includes

holidays are a busy and overwhelming season, packed with people who are often
drinking alcohol. However, if someone does not have the option to drink, they
might end up feeling uncomfortable or even left out entirely. Instead, help
your friends and family feel included with a tall glass of non-alcoholic wine
this holiday season. They can fit in with the rest of their loved ones as they
drink alcohol, by sipping on their own glass of remarkable wine. The holidays
are already stressful, so help your friend or family member feel more
comfortable by giving them the gift of inclusion.

5. Alcohol-free wine is healthy.

give the gift of good health this holiday season with a bottle of alcohol-free
wine. Many red—and even white—wines have a variety of different health benefits
to enjoy, but they can often be counteracted by the alcohol content within
them. Instead, alcohol-free wine has all of the same incredible health benefits
as its alcoholic counterpart, but without any concern for alcohol. Your loved
ones can enjoy a healthier lifestyle this holiday season with a conscientious
gift of non-alcoholic wine.

holiday season is here, which means people everywhere will buy gifts galore for
their loved ones. If someone in your life lives alcohol-free, brighten their
holiday season with the gift of non-alcoholic wine. The holidays are the
perfect time to share a gift your loved ones will enjoy, so give to your
friends and family members with alcohol-free wine.