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(Pack of 2) Copenhagen Sparkling Tea LYSEGRØN ($38 each)

Citrus, green tea, minerality, and crisp apples, boasting lively and complex notes of citrus, lemon grass, Earl Green Sencha, and a hint of orange peel.
Brand: Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company
Origin: Denmark
Alcohol Content: <0.5%
Volume (ml): 750
Grape Variety: Not Applicable
Certification(s): Certified Organic, Vegan-Friendly
Standardized Calories: 30 (per 150ml)
Standardized Carbs / Sugar: 6g / 6g (per 150ml)

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$76.00 - or Subscribe

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  • Package Includes: 2 x Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company Lysegron (<0.5%) Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage 750ml.
  • Produced in Denmark by Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company.
  • A great non-alcoholic alternative to traditional Sparkling wine.
  • Great for Designated Drivers: Don’t forget your alcohol-free guests when selecting drink options!
  • LYSEGRØN is a refreshing non-alcoholic aperitif that harmonizes beautifully with oysters, caviar, fish, and seafood. This elegant beverage boasts a rich complexity and delivers delicate bubbles that burst delightfully on the palate.

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company proudly introduces LYSEGRØN as the latest addition to its Sparkling Tea family, carefully curated to expand the company’s non-alcoholic range. Alongside the dry (LYSERØD) and floral (BLÅ) offerings, LYSEGRØN represents a more classic, fresh, and citrusy alternative.


LYSEGRØN presents a captivating medley of aromas, including citrus, green tea, minerality, and crisp apples. On the palate, this sparkling tea exhibits a lively and elegant character, featuring notes of citrus, lemon grass, Earl Green Sencha, and a subtle essence of orange peel. The layers of flavor within LYSEGRØN conclude with a memorable Darjeeling tea and green apple finish, all showcased in its clear appearance with delicate green undertones.


As a fresh non-alcoholic aperitif, LYSEGRØN harmoniously complements oysters, caviar, fish, and seafood. With its remarkable complexity and delicate bubbles, this offering from Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company promises an elegant and sophisticated taste experience.


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Alcohol Content

Volume (ml)

Grape Variety



Serving Size

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Standardized Calories

Standardized Carbs / Sugar

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Water, 44% green tea – * ((8% Sencha*) (added citrus)), white teas-*, herbal tea leaves*, grape juice*, lemon juice*, natural aromas*, CO2, Citric Acid and Lactic Acid. *Organic.

Pairing Recommendation

Pairing Recommendation

These pairing options are chosen to complement the Lysegrøn’s citrusy, green tea, and mineral notes, as well as its ability to harmonize with seafood and light dishes. They provide a balance of flavors and textures that enhance the overall enjoyment of the sparkling beverage, making them ideal choices for elegant gatherings and special occasions.


  1. Oysters on the Half Shell: Serve fresh oysters on the half shell as an appetizer. The briny flavors of the oysters complement the minerality and citrus notes of the sparkling tea, creating a sophisticated and harmonious pairing.
  2. Caviar Blinis: Offer caviar blinis topped with crème fraîche and chives. The richness of the caviar and creaminess of the crème fraîche contrast beautifully with the crisp and citrusy flavors of the sparkling tea, providing a luxurious and indulgent pairing.
  3. Grilled Fish: Prepare grilled fish such as salmon or sea bass seasoned with herbs and lemon. The light and delicate flavors of the grilled fish enhance the citrus and green tea notes of the sparkling tea, creating a refreshing and balanced combination.
  4. Seafood Platter: Create a seafood platter with shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon, and crab cakes. The variety of seafood options complements the complexity of the sparkling tea, while the crisp and bubbly texture of the beverage cleanses the palate between bites.
  5. Vegetarian Sushi Rolls: Offer vegetarian sushi rolls filled with avocado, cucumber, and pickled vegetables. The clean and fresh flavors of the sushi rolls pair well with the lively and elegant character of the sparkling tea, making for a delightful and satisfying pairing.


About the Brand

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company: Founded by the award-winning sommelier Jacob Kocemba, during his time at a Michelin restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark. He realized the many possibilities within the world of tea, when he couldn’t find a matching wine for a dessert, despite a wine cellar of more than 1,700 wines. Instead, the solution came in a homemade tea extract, which consisted of a blend of different exclusive teas. The new drink became a great success and a favorite amongst the guests of the restaurant. Jacob has since then – through hundreds of trials and his unique ability to combine flavors – developed exquisite flavor combinations that form the basis for the different versions of Sparkling Tea. To live out the dream of making Sparkling Tea a new global beverage category, Jacob partnered up with Bo Sten Hansen in 2017. Bo has many years of experience in business development and has always had a great passion for gastronomy.

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