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(Case of 6) Bitburger Non-Alcoholic Pilsner Beer 330ml ($4 each)

Sweet and roasty, with notes of honey, gingerbread, ripe grain, and bitter herbs.
Brand: Bitburger
Origin: Germany
Alcohol Content: Never Alcoholized
Volume (ml): 330
Grape Variety: Not Applicable
Certification(s): Vegan
Standardized Calories: 33 (per 150ml)
Standardized Carbs / Sugar: 7.64g / 0g (per 150ml)

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  • Package Includes: 6 x Bitburger (Never Alcoholized) Non-Alcoholic Pilsner Beer 330ml.
  • Produced in Germany by Bitburger.
  • Full-flavoured and completely alcohol-free: naturally brewed following German Beer Purity laws.
  • Sweet, roasty aromas coalesce with honey and fresh Lebkuchen and are complemented by ripe grain and pleasantly bitter herbs.
  • Designed for designated drivers. Bitburger Drive is the perfect option for those that aren’t drinking.


Bitburger Drive 0.0% is a non-alcoholic German pilsner-style beer. It has a straw-colored gold appearance with a stable, white foam. The aroma is sweet and roasty, with notes of honey, gingerbread, ripe grain, and bitter herbs. Bitburger is a centuries-old German family brewery known for brewing with only the highest quality, locally sourced hops, malt, and deep-sourced water available. Naturally brewed following German Beer Purity laws, the Bitburger Drive Non-Alcoholic Beer delivers the same experience as a German Pilsner. With a fresh taste and very fine bubbles, we love the delicacy and clean finish of this brew. From the bottle down to the taste, it’s almost impossible to distinguish from its full-volume cousin.


Additional information

Additional Info



Alcohol Content

Volume (ml)



Serving Size


Carbohydrates / Sugar

16.8g / 0g

Standardized Calories

33 (per 150ml)

Standardized Carbs / Sugar

7.64g / 0g (per 150ml)

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