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The Absolute Best Foods to Pair with White Wine

wine and cheese

What’s better than a glass of wine? A glass of wine paired perfectly with a delicious
plate of complementary food. And while all wine tastes great with food, there
are some foods that just have the extra umph necessary to bring out the best flavors and aromas within the wine itself.

Just like each wine is unique, so is each food combination. Reds, whites, rosés,
sparkling and everything in between… they all taste better with specific types
of foods. For instance, consider the white wine. White wines are elegant,
simple and light. More delicate than their red counterparts, white wines have
an air of gentle sophistication about them. This means they pair differently
with certain foods than other wines might.

At BeClink, we provide a variety of alcohol-free wines in order to best meet the
needs (and palettes) of our customers. But of course, one of our favorite wine
groups is white. If you want to learn more about wine flavors and which foods
to choose, check out this list of the absolute best foods to pair with white

Appetizers. Because of their moderate flavors and aromas, white wines pair nicely with lighter meals, particularly appetizers. If you plan on having a multi-course meal, consider ordering a white wine to go
with your appetizers earlier in the evening.

Salads. No matter what kind it is, salads tend to be on the gentler side of the menu, which makes them perfect to pair alongside a delectable white wine. Whether your salad is filled with leafy
greens, fruits or even protein, try a glass of white wine with it to see how
they complement each other.

Cheeses. Everyone loves cheese and wine! This combination has been tried and true throughout centuries, and today’s wines are no different. Particularly for white wines, more delicate cheeses tend to pair best. For instance, try eating goat’s cheese, creamy blue cheeses or gouda
alongside your wine.

Pasta. While red wine pairs nicely with a heavy pasta and red sauce, white wine goes well with nearly any other type of pasta. Choose a creamy, preferably lighter sauce like alfredo or pesto to eat
with your white wine, for a mouth-watering combination which tastes great throughout the entire meal.

Poultry. One of the easiest (and tastiest) pairings to make for white wine is poultry. While most people only think of chicken, poultry can also include options like turkey, duck or even goose. No
matter how adventurous you might be with food, you can always feel confident in
your choice of poultry paired with white wine.

Seafood. You might already know white wine pairs well with seafood, but it’s important to tread carefully in this area. Some seafoods can be rich and full, and therefore might pair better with a rosé
or even a red wine. However, when it comes to shrimp, crab and lobster, they
tend to be a good bet to come alongside white wine.

Fish. Of course, whether it’s grilled, baked or sautéed, fish is always an ideal option to pair with your white wine. Because of its light flavor profile, fish compliments the various aromas within
white wines like a Chardonnay or a dry Riesling. If you plan on having fish for
dinner, white wine is the way to go.

While it might be intimidating to pick out which foods pair best with which wines, it
doesn’t have to be. Simply start with one or the other: the food you want or
the wine you want. Once you have one, decide on the other option. For your next
dinner party, romantic evening or night out, try your favorite alcoholic or
alcohol-free white wine with some of these delicious foods.