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Health Advantages with Non-Alcoholic Beer

the past few years, drinking preferences across the world and the United States
have changed. As more and more people become aware of the dangers and side
effects of high alcohol consumption, they’re beginning to transition away from
alcoholic beverages and move towards other alternatives.

such popular option is non-alcoholic beer. Like its alcoholic counterpart,
non-alcoholic beer has all of the same great flavor, fullness and quality, but
without the concern for alcohol. But what exactly are some of the benefits that
go along with it? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the health advantages with
non-alcoholic beer.

Helps the heart.

overtime have shown moderate drinking can actually be beneficial for our health
by preventing conditions such as heart disease. While initial research
hypothesized the reason for this as ethanol,
German scientists have discovered something
different. They found that non-alcoholic beer slowed down blood coagulation and
platelet activation, strengthening the blood flow. Research also discovered an
increase in antioxidants and vitamin B6 in the blood from alcohol-free beer,
which help protect the heart and reduce the risk of Cardiovascular disease.

Relieves stress.

common view of alcohol is its benefits for stress-relief. However, it turns out
alcohol might not even be the factor relieving your stress at all. In fact,
beer itself is rich in minerals and electrolytes. For instance, one common
mineral found in beer is potassium, which helps balance your adrenaline. This
reduces shaking muscles and blissfully eases feelings of anxiety. Beer even
bares a similar particle concentration to blood, which allows for particles to
be absorbed faster than other beverages. Without alcohol, the health benefits
of beer actually make a
quicker impact
on the body.

Reduces calories.

probably already know that alcoholic beer tends to pack the punch with
calories. Consistent drinkers can easily find themselves gaining weight and
feeling sluggish. Fortunately, non-alcoholic beers have far fewer calories than
their alcoholic cousins. While many beers are high in calories at approximately
180-150 kcal per pint, non-alcoholic options tend to sit between 50-80 calories
per 330ml bottle. So if you’re looking to shed a few pounds but still love the
taste of beer, non-alcoholic beer is a great place to start.

Cures a hangover.

are extremely hard on your body. This is because alcoholic drinks dehydrate
you, lack essential salts, contain virtually no vitamins or minerals and can
stop you from having a restful night’s sleep. Unfortunately, the more alcohol
you drink, the more you want, and the rougher hangovers you will face. However,
non-alcoholic beer is the perfect cure for a harsh hangover. Alcohol-free beers
can curb your desire for alcoholic beverages, hydrate you and replenish your
lost minerals or vitamins. You’ll also get a great night’s sleep, avoiding the
harmful hangover effects.

Benefits the body.

studies have even begun to realize the benefits non-alcoholic beer can have on
your entire body. In early 2005, one study conducted by students at
Okayama University in

found that, “…by feeding mice non-alcoholic beer and exposing them to
cancer-causing chemicals, the mice had 85% less damage to their liver, lungs
and kidneys than those given water.” Researchers concluded that there is a high
chance of beer containing compounds which help prevent carcinogens from binding
to cells. So without alcohol content, non-alcoholic beer has the potential to
protect your body from threats.

more and more people search for alternatives to alcohol, one option has become
abundantly popular: non-alcoholic beer. With all of the same great flavor and
composition as alcoholic beer, it’s a great choice to try if you want to enjoy
your favorite beverage with added health benefits. If you want to live a
healthier, cleaner, safe lifestyle, try non-alcoholic beer today and see how
you enjoy it for yourself.