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Fun Things to Do on NYE (That Don’t Involve Alcohol)

New Year’s Eve! The day is finally here. Yes, 2018 has officially come to an
end and 2019 will soon begin. The streamers will flow, the fireworks will
explode and of course, the drinks will be poured. There’s no doubt about it:
the evening will be filled with fun, festivities and laughter.

if you’re someone who chooses to live alcohol-free, then New Year’s Eve might
actually be a challenging time. Not only are you surrounded by alcohol wherever
you go, but you might even feel pressure to drink when you don’t want to. It
can bring some difficult decisions. Fortunately, there are options to consider
when it comes to a sober New Year’s Eve. Here are some ideas for you to use for
fun things to do on NYE (that don’t involve alcohol).

Go ice skating.

you want something fun to do on NYE without the worry about alcohol, then
embrace ice skating! Plenty of ice skating rinks have special hours during the
New Year’s evening. Check what rinks are located near you, then get a group of
friends or family members together to go out. Not only will you have fun
hanging out and being active, but you won’t have to worry about feeling tempted
by alcohol throughout the night.

Host a movie marathon.

those of us who might be a little bit more “stay-at-home,” there’s always the
option of hosting a movie marathon. Pick out your favorite movies, get in some
comfy clothes and stock up on junk food to binge watch movies throughout the
night. The best part? You can celebrate by yourself, with a significant other or
invite friends and family over to make it a big group get together. Whichever
you decide, a movie marathon is always a great option for NYE.

Have a romantic evening.

you love going out and getting dressed up, but want to avoid the temptation of alcohol.
Well, then a romantic evening might be the perfect solution for you! Take your
significant other out to a fancy restaurant and get dressed up to enjoy a night
on the town together. And if you’re single, invite a friend or two to join you
for a fun evening out, complete with accountability partners to support you.

Be the designated driver.

your friends are headed out drinking on NYE, you can always join them by being
the designated driver. We know, we know… being the DD isn’t always a fun night.
But, there
are ways you can still
have a good time! Talk with your friends beforehand about your decision not to
drink, and ask for their support throughout the evening. And of course, you can
always ask for an extra treat in return. Either way, being the designated
driver lets you have fun on NYE with your friends, and still holds you

Bring your own food.

course everyone drinks on New Year’s Eve, but what about eating? Food is
really where the action is! Flip the
traditional NYE party on its head by hosting a BYOF (bring your own food)
party. Ask friends or family members to bring some of their favorite foods for
all of you to share together. Then, you can spend the evening snacking on
delicious appetizers and entrees as you ring in the new year.

Drink non-alcoholic beverages.

if you’re concerned about feeling tempted by alcohol this NYE, then come
prepared with your own non-alcoholic beverages. Choose a sweet alcohol-free
wine, or a crisp non-alcoholic beer to bring with you wherever you go, and you
won’t feel tempted to try other drinks. Who knows? Your friends or family
members may even try a sip and end up enjoying non-alcoholic beverages, as

Year’s Eve can definitely be a challenging time for those who choose to live
alcohol-free. However, just because you don’t drink alcohol, doesn’t mean you
can’t have fun! Keep these ideas in mind for things to do (that don’t involve
alcohol) and see how much fun you have this New Year’s Eve.