Dream Line

Dream Line Mojito Non-Alcoholic Cocktail


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 “ Refreshing taste of lemon. Persistent lime and mint. Smooth on the palate. 


  • Package Includes: 1 x Dream Line Mojito Non-Alcoholic (0.0%) Mocktail, 500ml.
  • Features an LED light that highlights a “magic effect” in which the liquid visibly flows.
  • Ideal for those that enjoy mixed drinks (mocktails) without the negative consequences from drinking alcohol.


  • Color:  Soft and shiny green, with silver effect.
  • How To Enjoy: By itself / with ice / in cocktails 

Get the party started with Dream Line Apple Cocktail Alternative. This ready to drink mocktail features a “magic effect” in which the liquid visibly flows; especially noticeable when the bottle is inverted. Try something new, accompany with food to enhance flavors, mix with drinks to create fun concoctions, or drink by itself to balance slightly salty foods.

Refreshing liqueur crafted with the combined maceration of lime, lemon and mint. To drink by itself and chilled, iced or in cocktails.

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