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How to Stay Sober on St. Patrick’s Day

do you think of on St. Patrick’s Day? Maybe it’s layers of green clothing, four
leaf clovers or pots of gold. For many people, the first thought that comes
with St. Patrick’s Day is… binge drinking. Binge drinking is a popular pastime
on holidays, but it seems even more widespread on St. Patrick’s Day. However,
this could be because more people are out at public bars, compared to drinking
in private over other holidays.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
says, “On St. Patrick’s Day,
there seems to be more public intoxication. This can give revelers the
impression that the only way to enjoy the day is to drink.” While it might feel
like everyone drinks on St. Patrick’s Day, this could not be further from the
truth. In fact, many people choose to avoid alcohol on the holiday, and so can
you. If you want to live an alcohol-free lifestyle, consider these tips for how
to stay sober on St. Patrick’s Day.

Host a sober party.

you want to avoid drinking on St. Patrick’s Day, chances are you’re not alone.
More than likely, plenty of your friends, family and neighbors also want to
stay sober on the holiday. For this reason, consider hosting a sober party,
instead of the typical bar crawl. Invite your friends over to have fun and
celebrate together, without any pressure or risk of drinking alcohol.

Attend a parade.

communities host St. Patrick’s Day parades, events and festivals celebrating
the holiday. See how you can get involved by attending or even participating in
a parade. Just be sure to steer clear of the end of the parade, which can often
be the site of a party atmosphere. Instead, get that group of friends together
again to have a sober hangout afterwards.

Work at an event.

can’t work or volunteer if you’ve been drinking. If you’re worried you will be
tempted to drink on St. Patrick’s Day, take away the option by volunteering to
work at a public event. Put yourself in charge of cooking, serving or
distributing food, or running different aspects of the event. You and the other
people working will be too busy to even consider drinking alcohol.

Be a designated driver.

most of your friends or family plan on drinking, then offer to be the
designated driver so they can get home safely the night of St. Patrick’s Day.
While this might not be the
most fun
option, it’s still a great way to get out and enjoy your evening, without
worrying about the temptation for alcohol. Even better: ask one of your friends
to hold you accountable for the evening.

Find a buddy.

of friends, if you plan on going out St. Patrick’s Day, find a sober buddy who
can stick with you during the night. Avoiding alcohol is much easier when you
have someone with you who understands, supports and encourages your decision.
Ask a friend to be your designated sober buddy, so the two of you can stick
together throughout the holiday.

Go green and alcohol-free.

because you’re sober doesn’t mean you have to drink water all night. Spruce up
your beverages with some tasty alcohol-free wine, beers or mocktails. Many bars
have non-alcoholic options you can enjoy, or if you stay in for the night, see
what you can concoct yourself. Bring along green food dye to add a few drops to
your drink, and surprise! No one will even know that you’re not drinking

it comes to staying sober, St. Patrick’s Day can definitely be an intimidating
holiday. But, there are still ways to avoid alcohol
and have fun at the same time. If you want to live a healthy,
alcohol-free lifestyle, keep these tips in mind for how to stay sober on St.
Patrick’s Day.