10 Birthday Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Alcohol

Whether it’s your sweet 16, your 21st bash or your over-the-hill 50th celebration, birthdays are a big deal. They’re a reminder that hey, you made it another year. Despite what the past year might have thrown, you’re still kicking, still thriving and still here. Birthdays are the best, particularly because of the parties that go along with them.

However, birthday parties are often known for one major thing: alcohol. This means, if you don’t drink alcohol, then celebrating your birthday party might seem a bit off-putting. But, there are still ways you can celebrate yours, your friend’s or your family member’s birthday party without drinking alcohol. Check out this list of 10 ideas we put together.

1. Drive on a road trip. What’s the perfect way to avoid alcohol? Be the designated driver! Use your birthday as an opportunity to take a road trip across the country with friends. Pick a place that you’ve always wanted to see, or hit the ground running and see where the road takes you.

2. Host a costume party. Costumes aren’t exclusive to Halloween. If you love dressing up, host a costume party for your birthday this year. For added fun, invite guests to get dressed up as what they wanted to be when they were little. See who achieved their goal, and whose dreams shifted as they grew older.

3. Recreate a childhood party. Did you have a favorite birthday party when you were younger? Maybe a roller skating party or a bounce house? Try recreating it now as an adult! Chances are you will still have a lot of fun with friends or family members, and you won’t have to worry about alcohol.

4. Volunteer at a nonprofit. If you want to give back on your birthday, see how you can volunteer at a nonprofit organization in your community. Find a cause you care about and research volunteering opportunities to get involved with. For a party, invite your friends or family members to join you in serving.

5. Go to an amusement park. Amusement parks are always a fun option to take advantage of. Plus, with hot weather and vomit-worthy rides, you won’t even want to drink alcohol. Get a group together to take a trip to the nearest amusement park for a day full of rides, fun and laughter.

6. Leave for a camping trip. If you love the outdoors, use your birthday party as an opportunity to go on a camping trip through the wilderness. Bring friends, your pet and your tent for a weekend full of hiking, biking or exploring nature. And of course, leave the alcohol behind.

7. Take the day off. When was the last time you had an entire day just to yourself with nothing to do? You might not even remember! Rather than planning a big extravaganza for your birthday party, give yourself the day off. We’re talking sleeping in late, vegging out on snacks and staying in your pajamas all day long.

8. Plan a food crawl. You’ve heard about bar crawls for birthday parties, but what about food crawls? During the week of your birthday, see how many restaurants you can go to to try out new meals. For an added bonus, tell the restaurant about your birthday and see what desserts you can get for free.

9. Do a photo scavenger hunt. Photo scavenger hunts are a great way to kill time with friends, have fun and not taste a sip of alcohol. Create a list of crazy things to find and do around the town, then set a timer and go! Find out who can get the most pictures taken with items on the list before the time runs out.

10. Have a movie night. Of course, the classic go-to birthday party: the movie night. Invite your loved ones over, pop popcorn and watch your favorite movie (or two, or three) to celebrate your birthday party. Don’t forget the candy and soda, too!

As you age, it might seem harder to celebrate a birthday without the temptation to drink alcohol. But, it’s not impossible! If you’re committed to a healthier lifestyle, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate your birthday without drinking. As you approach your birthday, keep these ideas in mind for a fun-filled party without any alcohol.