Healthy and Happy Spring Activities to Try

With the warm sunshine and cool breeze in the air, the season of spring is practically begging us to get outside. Spring is about sweeping away the cold dust of winter and embracing the upcoming warmth of summer. And of course, spring brings with it a restored sense of refreshment and wellbeing.

At BeClink, we care about more than just sober living. We care about healthy living. We want to provide everyone with healthier alternatives to alcoholic beverages, so they can live their lives well. This purpose permeates throughout everything we do. So of course, as we step into the season of spring, we want to explore healthy options that can benefit our entire wellbeing. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle this season, check out this list of healthy and happy spring activities to try.

Give up a habit.

First, look at your current lifestyle and consider one unhealthy habit you can give up, or set limits on. For example, if you love watching television, but don’t want to spend hours on end sitting on the couch, consider restraining yourself to a half-hour of television per day. Or, if you want to give up alcohol, restrict it to one alcoholic drink per week. By limiting yourself, soon enough you might find yourself giving up these habits all together, and be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Build a new habit.

As you limit and remove some of the unhealthy habits in your life, consider what new habits you can build this spring. It takes approximately three weeks to create a routine, so keep this time frame in mind as you start something new. Establishing healthy habits is never easy, but it’s always worth it. For instance, set a goal of reading one book per month. Then, one book every two weeks. Soon, you’ll read a whole book every week, simply by initiating and exercising your new healthy habit.

Examine your diet.

Crash diets tend to be popular, and for good reason: they promise quick results with little to no effort. But, changing your diet is rarely that simple. Instead of changing everything right away, start by examining your diet. See what small or subtle changes you can make in the beginning. Stick to those changes for a little while (build a new habit), then add in other changes. By approaching your diet with a “slow and steady” mindset, you can create a sustainable lifestyle that you will actually stick to.

Focus on simple exercise.

The “slow and steady” diet mindset can also be applied to exercise. Oftentimes, people want to go straight from the couch to running a half-marathon, with little exercise in between. Alternatively, focus on one simple exercise you can implement today. Maybe you start with 30 minutes of yoga. Next week, you add in 10 minutes of cardio to your routine. Soon enough, you’re in half-marathon running shape! Simple exercise efforts like these can vastly improve your overall health and wellbeing this spring.

Clean your home.

There’s something satisfying about a clean environment. Oftentimes, our home can significantly affect our mental and emotional health, which also plays a role in our physical health. Therefore, embrace “spring cleaning.” Take this season to give away or throw out any unnecessary items from your house, rearrange the furniture and deep clean your environment. Without a doubt, your mind will feel cleared, emotions recentered and even physical health improved.

Start a journal.

Like we said, our mental and emotional wellbeing play a big role in our physical health, too. And of course, nothing helps our emotional and mental health quite like journaling. Journaling is an opportunity to share everything on your mind. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, journaling has been shown to manage anxiety, reduce stress and cope with depression. It allows you to center your thoughts, track your progress and provides an opportunity for positive self-talk. Through journaling, your health can flourish.

Spring is here, which means it’s time to reevaluate your lifestyle and see how you can continue to grow this season. As we dive into spring this year, keep these tips in mind for new activities to try. When you prioritize your health and happiness, your own wellbeing will thrive.