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  • Six (6) Non-Alcoholic Wines: 1 x Pierre Chavin Grande Reserve Rouge, 1 x Pierre Chavin Zero Blanc, 1 x Élivo Zero Zero Deluxe Red, 1 x Élivo Zero Zero Deluxe White, 1 x Princess Rosso Dry, 1 x Princess Bianco Dry
  • Weekend Assortment: Perfect for a weekend getaway. Enjoy an assortment of alcohol free wines from French, Italian, and Spanish wineries. Give your clean drinking guests more than just juice and water.
  • Popular For Any Occasion: Great for the Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, Baby Showers, Baby Announcements, Gender Reveal Parties, Best Friend Gift, A Birthday Gift for Mom, Valentines Day, Teacher Appreciation, Housewarming, or just for Yourself.
  • Great sampler assortment for individuals new to non-alcoholic wines. 



Great for weekend getaways! Enjoy our selection of non-alcoholic wines with family and friends on a special occasion. Most of us have family and friends that do not consume alcohol for whatever reason. Your guests will appreciate this assortment of delicious wines. Great for all, these alcohol-free wines imported from France, Italy, and Spain have gone through dealcoholization. This means that all individuals can enjoy the complex flavors of wine without the health consequences of alcohol.


More About What's Included

  • Pierre Chavin Grande Reserve Rouge (non-alcoholic red wine): Generous notes of ripened fruits. Bodied, structured red fruits and spices with vanilla aromas. Nice complexity and subtle elegance. Ideal to accompany red meats, main courses, spicy stews and cheeses.
  • Pierre Chavin Zero Blanc (non-alcoholic white wine): Golden yellow in color and brilliant with just a hint of sparkle. Fruit forward, palate balanced with a delicate freshness. Pairs nicely with appetizers, crispy salads, grilled fish, and chicken.
  • Élivo Zero Zero Deluxe White (non-alcoholic white wine): Structured, balanced and elegant in the mouth. Floral and fruit aromas, with mango and melon standing out. Smoky notes and a grassy base can also be perceived. Pairs with delicate appetizers and can be enjoyed before the meal begins.
  • Élivo Zero Zero Deluxe Red (non-alcoholic red wine): A sweet, fruity aroma, with hints of the Cabernet grape variety. Presents a fragrant bouquet, signaling its aromatic complexity. Among these the smell of mature red fruits stand out, with a final scent of coffee. The combination is harmonized by subtle hints of oak. Pairs well with appetizers.
  • Princess Rosso Dry (non-alcoholic red wine): Displays an intense, deep red color. Exhibits aromas of ripe fruits with a pleasing and elaborate taste.
  • Princess Bianco Dry (non-alcoholic white wine): Displays a rich, straw yellow color. Exhibits floral aromas with hints of cut-grass and honey.



Additional Info

Additional Info

Number of Bottles:
Six (6)
Represented Countries:
France, Spain, and Italy
Volume Each Bottle:
Halal Certified:
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Deborah May 2nd 2018

Wine Weekend Assortment

If you have ever been a wine drinker with alcohol. This wine is not for you. The wines lack complexity , nose and taste. I thought i would give them a try because I was looking for an alternative for health reasons. Very disappointed.