Elivo Cardio Zero White Non-Alcoholic White Wine


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“ Round and complete, fresh on the palate. Stands out due to its glyceric nature, fruity flavors and touch of acidity. Mineral notes stand out and the typical aromas associated with the Verdejo grape variety can be found on top of green apple and a hint of fennel. 



  • Package Includes: Élivo Cardio Zero White Alcohol Free (0.0%) White Wine 750ml.
  • Produced by Élivo winery in Spain with Verdejo and Airén grapes.
  • A great non-alcoholic alternative to traditional white wine - pairs with white meat, salads, fish and seafood.
  • Perfect for All Occasions: Everyday Meals, Birthdays, Housewarming Gift, Anniversaries, Work Parties, Weddings, or Just For Yourself. 



Élivo Cardio Zero White non-alcoholic white wine is the perfect wine for regular consumption. A great non-alcoholic option for those that love white wine, pair with white meat, salads, fish and seafood. This alcohol-free white wine has a bright, straw color. Mineral notes stand out and the typical aromas associated with the Verdejo variety can be found, above all, green apple with a hint of fennel.

The production of the wine is carried out paying special attention to the points where the extraction of the combined phenolics will be extracted for the must. The selection of grapes from vines under water stress, combined with the power of extracting the phenols at the point of vinification allows for the production of Cardio Zero. Fermentation takes place at controlled, low temperatures, which strengthens the presence of assorted aromas. Dealcoholization is carried out through a pressure system at low temperatures, where high pressure and a temperature of 30ºC are combined to convert the ethanol into vapor. The vapors are removed by a gas extractor and the rest of the wine remains in a liquid state without ethanol. Finally the product is filtered and bottled.



Additional Info

Additional Info

Serving Temperature:
Storage Temperature:
Below 10ºC
Alcohol Content:
White Wine
Country of Production:
Verdejo and Airén
Halal Certified:
750 mL
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Reviews (2)

Laura Aug 19th 2019

Elivo Cardio Zero White Non-Alcoholic White Wine 750 mL

I very much wanted to like this wine, however, I found it overly sweet and very thin. Not Wine-Like enough for my tastes.

L May 16th 2019

Shockingly realistic

If you can’t drink anymore, let’s face it. You want a non-sweet beverage with dinner. BeClink sent me a wine tasting spread sheet and I gave this Non-Alcoholic wine a 3-4. (5 would be a $43 bottle of real Chardonnay. Most NA wines get a 0-1 from me). This bottle gets 5 stars here because it is hands down the best NA white. It is not watery, not vinegary, not sweet nor bitter. It doesn’t taste like a version of cider.It has no trace of carbonation, It mimics the tongue feel and back of the throat feel of real wine. It has back and side of the tongue taste, not front of the tongue, like real wine. You can almost feel the warmth of alcohol. It has a deep fruity flavor but not like fruit juice. It has a hint of Bitters, maybe orange Bitters. It has a good viscosity. It balances chicken and salmon well. This is servable to people who can still drink. I guarantee they will sip and say, “Wait a minute, what It this?” rather than pouring it on their salad.The delivery is super quick, unlike other NA suppliers.