RONSIN Non-Alcoholic Rum


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“Woody, molasses flavor with a naturally sweet taste.  



  • Package Includes: 1 x RONSIN Non-Alcoholic (0.0%) Rum Alternative 1000ml.
  • Produced in Spain.
  • A great alcohol-free alternative to rum to be used as a base for amazing mocktails  or drank standalone.
  • Great for Designated Drivers: Don't forget your alcohol-free guests when selecting drink options!
  • Rum alternative perfect for non-alcoholic cocktails.



RONSIN is a non-alcoholic alternative with the woody and molasses flavor normally associated with rum. The drink is naturally sweet, caused by the lack of fermentation which normally utilizes sugar.

To be honest it is impossible to imitate on the palate a sensation produced by a drink containing 50% alcohol. So RONSIN has a different bouquet and is certainly sweeter, but it is a tempting non-alcoholic rum that can be effortlessly and endlessly drank with ice or combined with mixers. RONSIN is an excellent addition to our Caipirinha and Mojito cocktails.

We recommend RONSIN be served as a double shot over lots of ice or partnered with a mixer.

Created by Industrias Espadafor in Andalucia, Spain, RONSIN is designed as an alternative to rum. RONSIN has never been fermented, making it the perfect addition to your alcohol-free collection.


Recommended Serve

  • RONSIN: 1L
  • Ice: Lots of crushed
  • Fruit: Half crushed lime
  • Garnish: Lime wedge


Additional Info

Additional Info

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Reviews (5)

Mitchiner Underhill Nov 12th 2020

Only Missing the Burn

I was pleasantly surprised by how closely this resembled the “real” thing. I tried a small bit straight to test the flavor; the only difference between it and a Bacardi was the lack of an alcoholic burn, and that’s honestly something I’ll happily live without. Mixed with cola, it tasted exactly like my old sipping go-to of rum and coke. A fantastic product.

Kenneth Cabral Jun 2nd 2020

Not as advertised.

Not even close to rum. Much too sweet. No bite. I didn't expect it to taste like rum, but this is nothing more than an expensive Sirrup .