Why Is Non-Alcoholic Beer so Popular?

Beer is a popular beverage. No matter who you are or where you’re from, chances are you’ve tried at least one beer in your life. In fact, the world in general loves its beer. One stat from The Economist found that in 2016, the worldwide consumption of beer was 185 billion liters. Talk about a lot of beer.

However, over the past few years, consumption of alcoholic beer has been on a decline, while the popularity for non-alcoholic beer has continued to rise. According to the research institute IWSR, in 2017, beer consumption fell by 3.2% per adult. On the other hand, the market for non-alcoholic beer grew by 5% in 2016 alone, according to research by Euromonitor International in CNN Money. One report by Research and Research even found that the global non-alcoholic beer market is expected to experience sustainable growth from the period of 2017 to 2025.

So while the global market for alcoholic beer is declining, non-alcoholic beer is only growing in popularity. Why is this? Let’s dive into why non-alcoholic beer is so popular.

Probably the biggest reason non-alcoholic beer is so popular is because it’s a healthier option compared to its alcoholic counterpart. As Men’s Health states, sales in alcoholic beer are dropping “... thanks to education on the health concerns of drinking, tighter DUI law enforcement and people just plain choosing to spend their time on stuff other than happy hour and morning after.” There’s no doubt about it: drinking alcohol simply runs a higher health risk. Multiple research studies have concluded that alcohol has an overwhelming negative effect on our bodies, particularly beer, which contains little to no health benefits.

If you read our article on Five Negative Effects Alcohol Has on the Body, then you know consistently consuming alcohol can lead to: (1) brain function damage; (2) pancreatitis; (3) liver inflammation; (4) central nervous system influence; and (5) chronic heart failure. Whenever you consume alcohol, you run the risk of not only having a terrible night, but also terribly influencing your health for the rest of your life. As people around the world are becoming aware of these risks, the rate for alcohol consumption has decreased, leaving room for non-alcoholic beer to take its place.

Non-alcoholic beer is the perfect alternative to its alcoholic counterpart. Not only does it have the same great taste, but it also provides peace of mind for individuals who wish to avoid alcohol. It runs fewer health risks and has better long-term effects than alcohol, which has boosted its popularity among traditional beer drinkers.

In the past, many have avoided non-alcoholic beer because of its weak flavor or even watery taste. However, as technology has expanded, so have the brewing options for non-alcoholic beer, making it better tasting than ever before. As we described in our article How It’s Made: Non-Alcoholic Beer, non-alcoholic beer is made through two main techniques: reverse osmosis and vacuum distillation.

Both processes help remove the alcohol from the beer mixture without altering any of the unique flavors in the beer. This keeps the beer’s taste intact, while still reducing or evaporating the alcohol. It then goes through a carbonation process, in order to mimic the texture of alcoholic beer, and finalizing the beer-making process.So while non-alcoholic beer may have been less flavorful in the past, advanced technology has enabled breweries to improve the process, creating a better-tasting, more authentic, alcohol-free beer.

So, why is non-alcoholic beer so popular? Not only does it provide the same great flavor you know and love from alcoholic beer, but it also greatly reduces any negative health influences. With non-alcoholic beer, you can relax and have fun with friends and family, without worrying if you’re drinking too much, without worrying if you’ll lose control and without worrying if you will need a ride home.

Instead, you can feel comfortable and confident in the taste, the fun and your health throughout the entire evening. This is why non-alcoholic beer has become so popular, and why people all over the world are switching out their alcohol for an alcohol-free alternative. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, give it a try and see how you enjoy the non-alcoholic lifestyle.