What to Drink When Living Alcohol-Free

Alcohol plays a huge role in the United States’ society; it’s in restaurants, bars and most social events. So if you’re someone who strives to live an alcohol-free lifestyle, avoiding alcohol in the day-to-day life can sometimes be challenging, particularly in social situations. After all, what other options do you have?

There are plenty of reasons someone might avoid alcohol, whether it’s for health, season of life or wanting to live a safer lifestyle. Of course, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in social situations when you don’t drink alcohol. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options out there for those who choose to live alcohol-free—and they are not just water. To get you started, here are a few ideas for what to drink when living alcohol-free.

First and foremost, the simplest things to drink when living alcohol-free are juices. There are a variety of different juices out there that tickle the taste buds and even give you a bit of a placebo effect when in social situations involving alcohol. Pick out some of your favorite juices to bring with you to events, or carry juice mix with you in case the only option available is water. If you don’t think a party or event is going to have alcohol-free choices, bring a juice with you so you have another option on the go. Whether it’s lemonade, fruit punch, orange juice or something even more creative, juice is a great place to start for a delicious, non-alcoholic alternative.

Depending on the season, hot drinks can also be a sweet choice to try when you’re out with friends or family. For instance, if other party-goers are ordering brews, wines or hot cocktails, ask for something hot to enjoy without alcohol, such as hot chocolate, coffee or tea. In some places, bars even offer hot drinks to patrons; all you have to do is ask. Give a hot drink a try during the cooler months and see how you enjoy it.

Another option great for parties and bars is the spritzer. Try a club soda, a tonic water or a bitter lemon soda. All three of these choices can give you that same bubbly feeling you might get from an alcoholic beverage, without the alcohol included. When out and about in a social scene, they can even have a similar placebo effect to alcohol, helping you relax and lower your inhibitions, but through a healthier and safer alternative.

If you’re at a professional venue like a bar, they probably serve cocktails, and can easily swap-out some of the ingredients for a mocktail instead. Ask the bartender to get creative and whip up something unique without alcohol for you to try. If you want some ideas to get started, check out our article on Alcohol-Free Mixed Drinks Worth Trying.

Finally, if you want to join all the fun of the social scene but without any of the alcohol, give alcohol-free alternative drinks a try. Whether it’s a non-alcoholic beer or a non-alcoholic wine, you can have all the same great flavor of some of your favorite beverages without having to worry about alcohol. Most importantly, you can feel confident that non-alcoholic drinks are made specifically with you in mind, to fit your needs wherever you’re at in life and make you feel more comfortable and confident while living alcohol-free.

If you strive to live alcohol-free, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed about what to drink, particularly in social situations which might contain alcohol. However, fret not—there are plenty of other options out there to help you feel included and comfortable. Try out some of these choices the next time you find yourself in a situation with alcohol, and see how your alcohol-free lifestyle can continue to flourish.