The 7 Best Motives for Going Alcohol-Free

There’s no doubt that alcohol plays a huge role in our social atmosphere, particularly in the United States. Between movies, music and popular media, alcohol seems to be everywhere, constantly. So much so that we can also easily feel like everyone around us is drinking alcohol, constantly. However, this isn’t always the case.

In fact, a surprising number of people across the country have given up alcohol to focus on a healthier lifestyle. According to an article by The Washington Post, 30% of American adults don’t drink at all. It turns out, many people are switching tracks completely and going sober. What does this mean for you? If you’ve considered going alcohol-free, but aren’t quite sure yet, check out these seven best motives.

1. You want to lose weight.

If you find your jeans are a bit snug these days, it might be because of your alcohol consumption. Depending on the type of drink, alcoholic beverages tend to be high in fat, sugar and calories, which definitely don’t help the numbers on your waistline. If you want to lose a few pounds, the first place to check could be your drinking habits. Test the theory by giving up alcohol for a month to see if you lose weight.

2. You want clearer skin.

Not only does alcohol affect your weight; it affects your entire appearance. Alcohol can often cause puffiness in the face, sunken eyes, premature aging of the skin and a poor complexion. So if you’re worried about your skincare regime, try stepping away from alcohol for awhile and switching to water. A healthier lifestyle overall can greatly improve your skin’s complexion, boosting your self-esteem and confidence.

3. You want to free up your schedule.

Depending on your drinking habits, alcohol can take up quite a bit of time. Think about it: going out to a bar, buying alcohol, sitting and drinking, etc., when there could be a much better use of your time. If you want to free up space in your schedule for healthier habits such as reading, meditation or journaling, you could consider giving up alcohol. You might just be surprised at how much free time you encounter.

4. You want to find your friends.

They say alcohol lowers inhibitions and builds friendships. But if this were true, why would you need alcohol in the first place to make a friend? If you want to find out who your true friends are, and who you really do enjoy spending time with, get to know them while sober. You can have deeper, more meaningful conversations, which both of you will actually remember in the morning.

5. You want to feel better physically.

Maybe you’re not concerned about your weight or skincare, but you have been feeling a bit sluggish and groggy in your day-to-day life. Cleansing your body from alcohol is the perfect way to hit the restart button and rest your body. Giving up alcohol can help improve blood sugar levels, cholesterol, stomach habits and liver. So if you find yourself struggling physically, going alcohol-free could be a great first step.

6. You want more control of your emotions.

It’s no secret that alcohol affects a person’s emotions. Particularly when it comes to processing negative feelings, alcohol acts as an escape, and enables a person to avoid dealing with their emotions. If you want to be more in-touch with yourself emotionally and have more control over your own feelings, then consider not drinking.

7. You want to save money.

Finally, this might seem simple, but it does have a far-reaching influence: Alcohol is expensive. Constantly drinking alcohol can take a serious toll on the budget. If you’re in a pinch and want to save money, giving up alcohol is an easy solution. Depending on how much alcohol you drink, you could potentially put all of that money towards a better investment, such as healthier habits, family members or your future.

If you’ve thought about going alcohol-free, you’re not alone. Over the years, more and more people across the United States have made the switch to a non-alcoholic lifestyle. These are only a few of the motives to go sober—if not forever, at least for a short while. Consider these motives as you weigh the option to go alcohol-free and invest in a healthier life.